Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul

About Christine Morrison

Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul

“Music to Soothe the Soul”

Christine Morrison is a unique Musician, Sound Healer, Musical Alchemist, Composer and Teacher.

Her piano music and vocal sounds have been said to
“Soothe the Soul”.

Whatever your soul requires, her sounds and music reach it – in a gentle and compassionate way, allowing you to discover your inner talents and knowledge.

Christine was guided to work with sound and music while she was recovering from an illness.  It played a major part in her healing, taking her on a journey of self-discovery and an awakening of her soul, also guiding her to realise her soul’s purpose.

Christine knows that her illness was meant to be.  It guided her to remembering how to use sound, colour and music in her life, and how to use it to connect with other realms and dimensions. Christine “hears” the music of the spheres, the music of plants, flowers & all that nature produces. The sounds of sacred sites beckons Christine to sing their stories out to the world.

She knew the music was a gift given to her to be shared.

Throughout her journey, Christine has had many connections and experiences with Aboriginal culture and Spirituality. She has learnt much from Indigenous Elders throughout Australia, and had the privilege of working with an indigenous elder from Uluru for many years, learning and remembering the special connection with the land. She now shares her understanding and knowledge of Kanyini with all that come in contact with her. Her sounds and music connect you with the land and aboriginal spirituality deep within your Soul. Christine also co-facilitates retreats, one being “Discover Your Soul in Central Australia” 6 day residential workshop in the desert once a year. It includes Sound, Colour and Aboriginal Wisdom.

Christine believes that it is time for many of us to return to working with sound. Time for us to reconnect with our soul, to unlock our talents and gifts and gain insights at deep levels.

Christine is the founder and director of the “Soul Musicality” Course –Certificate in Sound & Music Healing for the 21st Century - Mastery of the Soul. This course provides a gentle but powerful healing journey of the Soul through Sound, Colour and Music.  It teaches Sound, Colour & Music Healing techniques to use as a therapy or to complement and enhance any modality.

Christine also composes music specifically for the individual person.  She connects with them on a soul level, and given a specific intent, intuitively composes their music, recording it to CD. She also runs group sound healing workshops, guiding those to remember how to work with sound using their voice, ancient instruments and colour. Christine has reached and helped many people through her music. 

People have used her music for a wide variety of purposes:

  • To relax
  • For meditation
  • To aid recovery from operations
  • For massage
  • For bodywork sessions
  • For use in music therapy
  • For teachers of relaxation and meditation
  • To be one with the Divine
  • To settle and calm children
  • To still the mind
  • For those with learning difficulties
  • To help nurture and comfort those who are dying
  • For those grieving
  • For personal music given as personal and unique gifts
  • And just simply for the pure enjoyment of listening

Christine has reached and helped many people become empowered through her music and courses.  She travels internationally for courses, individual sessions and concerts.  Christine has a Bachelor of Education, and A.Mus.A(piano) and currently resides in Perth, Western Australia.

Christine knows that she is blessed and privileged to be able to follow her soul’s desire.

“She has brought to Earth the sacred sounds from the Angelic realms of light. Every note feels as if it has been touched by the wings and the breath of Angels.”
Lorna May Todd. Author of “Working with Angels and Nature Spirits”

“Christine provided a deeply nurturing and safe healing space that allowed me to gently unfold like a lily opening up to the sunlight. Her music touched places I didn't even know exist.”
L.A. Counsellor and Natural Therapist

Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul

Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
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Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul