Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul

Desert Trip Retreat

Dates: TBA

Desert Trip

Come to the desert to discover your Soul in the quietness, ambience and stillness of this Ancient landscape.

Through Sound, Colour and Aboriginal Wisdom, discover your true potential and find your real self.

Spend time in the spectacular scenery of the rich country side out of Alice Springs and the wisdom and culture of Kata Tjuta & Uluru.

Throughout history, the great teachers and prophets of the world have gone into the desert to experience the stillness within the soul.

This residential workshop gives you the opportunity to be in the stillness of our amazing desert to experience your divine soul self.

You will be offered to experience a connection with the earth and your soul through sharing of Aboriginal wisdom and knowledge. You will have the unique opportunity to be with Aboriginal artists & create with them, to sit and be with the ancient custodians of our land, experiencing and being immersed in their culture, wisdom and artwork.

It is time to remember. Feel and hear your own soul sounds through meditation and other experiences. As you become one with the land, your true authentic voice will be revealed. Experience your soul connection with the earth through your sound.

Desert Trip

“Journey to the heart.”

“A sensational course in spirit and physical. Real knowledge of the land mixed with an opening of the heart and soul. Most enjoyable and fun. Much, much fun, laughter and ease. Lovely people, lovely surroundings. Perfect combination.”

" ... it is awesome on every level, the scenery, the knowledge shared, the music, the sharing. "

“The simplicity of sleeping and living with the land has created passion and drive within my persona. The knowledge that you have shared has been life changing.”

“Great company and great to meet so many enlightened beings.”

Desert Trip

Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
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Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul