Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul

Soul Impressions - Christine Morrison

Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul

Soul Impressions
Divine music created for you, with love. Have your own personal Soul music recorded on CD exclusively for you.

Christine’s music specialises with the Soul – the Soul connection with self, others, the Universe and the Divine.

When you have this soul connection, you can function optimally in your feeling body, therefore having a more meaningful relationship with yourself and others.

The sounds and music you hear are your soul sounds and music. It is like a catalyst that helps to gently guide you to towards the changes you desire. The sounds connect you  to other realms and dimensions and with the music of the spheres.

The music also assists to cleanse and align all subtle bodies. Your inner transformational music will deliver whatever you desire. Many parts of you are expressed through the music. It gently transforms the heavier, darker side to the light being you are, providing insights and inspiration helping you to reflect and move on.

Christine has the ability to see your light and your soul, assisting you to bring your gifts and talents to the fore. Each composition is individual, unique, and recorded especially for you on CD for you to keep and continue your healing.

Many people love to give the gift of a Soul Impression CD to friends, colleagues and family. This is a wonderful heartfelt gift.

Christine creates Soul Impression CD’s for people throughout the world.



Contact Christine on 0408 181 208 or email
or Click here to Contact Christine to book your Soul Impression CD session.

What some people have said about having their Soul Music created on CD:

“I had the honour of Christine creating a Soul Impression CD for me and found it to be incredibly healing. It was exactly what my soul needed to support the inner transition I was walking through at that time. I listened & listened & listened and as I did the tears flowed and the healing took place. I felt each time I listened that a new layer was peeling away. I am very grateful to Christine and the healing music that channels through her soul. I would recommend to anyone that feels drawn to Christine’s work to have a Soul Impression CD made just for them. 
Such a beautiful, loving gift to ones self.”
Prem Williams - Sacred Earth Music Australia

“Thankyou so much for the beautiful music you gave me.The music is wonderful and was so soothing to my ‘wounded soul’. I really was feeling at very low ebb and listening to it was very uplifting. I will cherish it and remember you and your kindness every time I play it, love CB”

“The music you channel is definitely heaven sent as it fills your heart and soul with such bliss, so much LOVE and the definite feeling that God is present.”

“ is beautiful and I love it, it seemed to reach a part of me that is reluctant to relax and I was able to breathe into it and just let go.”
Karen Weaver, Kinesiologist

Some reasons why people have a Soul Impression CD:

  • To relax and de-stress.
  • For those who find I hard to slow down to meditate.
  • For pain relief.
  • To connect with one’s soul purpose.
  • To play before during and after operations, and to help with recovery.
  • For pregnant women – to enhance connection with baby and to aid an easy and relaxed labour.
  • To settle and calm children – especially those who find it difficult to go to sleep and have a restful night.
  • For relationships.
  • For those with learning difficulties.
  • To help nurture and comfort those who are dying.
  • For those grieving.
  • To bring focus and clarity for decision-making.

“I am relaxed and have an inner calm”

“I allow myself to let go and move forward"

”I am surrounded by unconditional love 
and am always supported”

“I accept, love and respect myself"

“I have deep inner peace”

“I let go of all emotions attached to my pain from the past”

“I am relaxed and enjoy life”

“I work in a job that is aligned with my soul purpose”

“I am focused and have clear guidance with all decisions”

“I surrender to my pain and flow with life”

“I am that I am”

NB: This is a complimentary therapy that does not replace any medical treatment. 
It enhances and compliments medical treatments.

Your Soul Impression CD session consists of:

  • Setting your intent for the music, guided by Christine.
  • Breathing exercise to enhance your healing during the music.
  • Listening and experiencing your Soul music as Christine intuitively plays on the piano (music is recorded on CD as Christine plays).
  • CD to take with you to continue your healing.

Each session is individual, special & unique – just like you!
Session Length:  1 – 1 ½ hours (includes 30 minutes music on CD)

Contact Christine on 0408 181 208 or email

Absent or Gift Soul Impression CD

For those who are unable to come to Christine for a session. It is also for those who wish to gift the CD.

Sometimes people are too ill, or live too far away to come for a session. Christine can produce your Soul Impression CD from a distance. She has produced absent Soul Impression CD's for people interstate and overseas. She tunes into your energy the same as if you were there in the room. A photograph (if possible) of the person wishing to have the CD with their date of birth and the intent for the music is required for the absent Soul Impression CD's. This can be sent via email or post.

Also Christine will set up a Skype or phone session time with you to set your intent for the music, then creates it for you, records it on CD, and posts it to you.  Many people now have absent sessions from all parts of the world.

Please contact Christine for more information in arranging a Soul Impression CD

Payment Options:   Direct Debit, Credit Card or Cash.


Pregnancy CD

Unique music created especially for the mother-to-be and baby.

Comforting, supportive and empowering music created for the Pregnant Goddess and her new soul yet to arrive.  Christine tunes into the mother-to-be and her baby within to create music which is helpful before, during and after birth. The music aids a deeper bonding between mum and baby, helps mum relax and let go of worries, and also helps provide a gentle transition for baby – an assurance for the baby that it will be born into a safe, loving space.


Music for Palliative Care, Death, Dying or Grief

Music specifically for one who is passing over. It helps one release any fears, resentments and sadness, helping them come to a resolution of divine peace and bliss, and enabling them to have a gentle and loving passing.  The music also can assist the family with letting go of their loved one during this traumatic time.

Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
Free Download - Christine Morrison Music to Soothe the Soul

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