Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul


Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul

““Angels are God’s messengers of love and peace. They bring to humanity the music of the spheres. When I first listened to this wonderful composition, I knew that Chris had achieved something very beautiful. She has brought to Earth the sacred sounds from these realms of light. Every note feels as if it has been touched by the wings and the breath of Angels. Whilst meditating with these ethereal sounds, I felt the presence of Angels all around me, and experienced the pure joy and love that only they can create.
Author of “Working with Angels and Nature Spirits” (from the UK)”


“Christine’s exquisite, deeply stirring works of art continue to help me move beyond the limitations of my illusions and towards the co-created reality of an integrated soul. When I first heard my personal Soul Impressions composition, my soul wept with relief and infinite joy. I replay this sequence often in my transformation journey. Each time, the music responds to the intent of the moment, removing what I no longer choose to keep and planting the seeds of an enlightened future. When Christine first shyly shared her singing in Universal Language, shivers ran throughout my spine. Christine is destined to connect many people to the timeless energies of Beyond – Pure Love and Compassion - as she explores and expresses the passion and core essence of her Being. She has found her true gift.
Heather Smith, Healing and Beyond August 2005”


“Thank you so much for your healing music and presence on Monday. The space was very powerful and moving for all. As one participant said “a coming home”. I look forward to our next meetings and greetings.
With gratitude, Loretta. (Cancer support association of WA)”


“Christine is an amazing musician and healer, her gentle intuitive energy results in music that resonates at a deep soul level, creating a space for healing, joy and inspiration. I feel very blessed to have your music in my life,
Love and rainbows Jeannie”


Soul Impression CD’s

I had the honour of Christine creating a Soul Impression CD for me and found it to be incredibly healing. It was exactly what my soul needed to support the inner transition I was walking through at that time. I listened & listened & listened and as I did the tears flowed and the healing took place. I felt each time I listened that a new layer was peeling away. I am very grateful to Christine and the healing music that channels through her soul. I would recommend to anyone that feels drawn to Christine’s work to have a Soul Impression CD made just for them. 
Such a beautiful, loving gift to ones self.
Prem Williams- Sacred Earth Music Australia

“… thank you so much for the beautiful music. It is the most wonderful gift I have ever received. I feel so much stronger, happier and ready for wherever my life takes me. I have been listening to my music regularly.

I have never felt so safe and able to deal with the feelings that are coming up when I listen to the music. I am feeling things and being able to understand what's behind these feelings, something that 2-3 years of counselling could not achieve. I am able to have these feelings and memories and I am able to acknowledge them and then let them go, instead of just burying them because I was too scared of them. There's still alot to go through but I am getting there slowly. When I listen to the music it helps me release all the hurt I feel, I feel lighter, more energised and more in control of my life. I feel alot of sadness too but I know that I need to feel this to move on.

There are times when I feel like I am falling to pieces, having a bad day or a bit down, I listen to my cd and I feel so much better, more positive, uplifted and relaxed. I am finding that I am allowing my friends to support me more and I am confiding in them and getting better at asking for help when I am struggling. There have been many positive changes since my session with you. I am asking my angels for guidance and listening to my intuition more often . I have never written in my journal as much as I do when I am listening to my cd, it's been great to get out all the things I am thinking and feeling it makes me feel so free, it is really helping me to let go of so much hurt and sadness. I am still working on what I want from my life and where my life is heading but I know that the most important things are that I remain true to myself, live my dreams, and do what makes me happy. I am really enjoying putting time aside each week to nurture myself.

For the first time I feel like I am going to be able to heal and move forward with my life and find my soul purpose, because of the wonderful gift you and Tim have given me. Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Kellie M”


“Thankyou so much for the beautiful music you gave me. The music is wonderful and was so soothing to my “wounded soul”. I really was feeling at a very low ebb and listening to it was very uplifting. I will cherish it and remember you and your kindness every time I play it., love CB


“ is beautiful and I love it, it seemed to reach a part of me that is reluctant to relax and I was able to breathe into it and just let go.”
Karen Weaver Kinesiologist


“The music you channel is definitely heaven sent as it fills your heart and soul with such bliss, so much LOVE and the definite feeling that God is present.”


“Thank you so much for the lovely and nurturing CD.
The music resonated really well with me and I had tears in my eyes straight away, as I felt so touched by the sounds. I feel that the piano music resonates with me and my European background and the second track was really the baby coming through with great harmony and love. I had the picture that it will be a real nature baby that gets us out showing us the magic of nature.
I also felt that the birthing process will be a positive experience and I should not be fearful given that I have the honour of bringing such a wonderful soul to the world. Ah.. the baby moved a lot during the 2nd track.

So these are my first impressions.

Love and thanks




“Hi Christine
Wow, what a wonder-full day it was yesterday!  Thank you so much for creating such a safe and sacred space for us all to open our hearts.(not to mention the magnificent and beautiful location!) Your guidance was divine and while we raised our vibrations you managed to keep us present and grounded as well (so we didn't float out to sea!).  I love working with the sound vibrations, especially the tonings, and left yesterday feeling great release, a sense of lightness and with abundant love and joy in my heart. What a blessing to have been a part of it all. Thank you!!
love Danni”.

Workshop testimonials

I have had the pleasure of sharing in Christine Morrisons Sound Healing workshops over a one year period. Christine is an intuitive, knowledgeable, compassionate teacher who creates dynamic, innovative and joyful workshops. I would recommend her courses to all.
Jeannie Harford

"This course unlocked ten years of grief and anger that led me to turn my back on music and the sounds I loved from childhood. Finally I have found my voice and have embraced my piano and violin, playing from the heart. It has allowed me to welcome an old precious friend back into my life."
Laura Attwood. Counsellor and Natural Therapist

“The Sound Healing course was an incredible journey, navigating myself and all the immense possibilities of sound. Anyone involved in healing would benefit from doing this course, as Sound Healing is the supreme healer of our times. It not only complements every healing method, but also reaches the deep places other healing techniques just can’t get into.”
Laura Attwood. Counsellor and Natural Therapist

“Each Sound weekend was like a beautiful holiday away for me. I came back renewed, energised, balanced and deeply at peace. I will really miss the group and the course.”
Laura Attwood. Counsellor and Natural Therapist

“wonderful activation of personal energy”


“much more than what I thought it would contain. Very powerful and moving workshop.”

“extremely powerful workshop incorporating sound and colour”

“I had the feeling of togetherness and peace”

“a fantastic exploration of the sacred feminine within!”

“just what I needed – a great connection!”

“I learnt wonderful techniques on how to ‘go into’ the sounds”

“Wonderful! Magical! Spiritual!”


Desert Retreat

“A magical life changing experience which stirred the depths of my being. Personally I have integrated the experience to enhance my already fulfilled life and feel privileged to have been a part of this experience.
Carol O’Connell. Adelaide SA


“This is my second trip with Vicki and Christine and once again, I had a fantastic time, having space, sleeping under the stars and being taken on an inner journey with Sound and Colour, and meeting fantastic people. Brilliant, it’s a must do trip for anyone interested in self discovery inner and outer. Thanks Vicki and Chrissy.”
Love Santoshi. Teacher Byron Bay NSW.


“Spacious, red dust, grounding, fun, great learning, new friends, friendly, welcoming, exceptional, most loving experience.”


“The simplicity of sleeping and living with the land has created passion and drive within my persona. The knowledge that you have shared has been life changing.”


“Great company and great to meet so many enlightened beings. Thanks for the guidance Chris and Vicki. You are both very special people with special gifts.”


“Journey to the heart.”


“It was the best course I have ever done. It was the most wonderful space I would ever want to learn in. I love you all.” Love Barbara.


“A sensational course in spirit and physical. Real knowledge of the land mixed with an opening of the heart and soul. Most enjoyable and fun. Much, much fun, laughter and ease. Lovely people, lovely surroundings. Perfect combination.”


“I have had many experiences during these days which allowed my being to enjoy, to feel, to learn, assimilate, explore, understand, play, dance, sing and therefore heal. I feel richly blessed having this course. Thank you both Vicki and Chrissie for this unforgettable experience.” Elamh


“An enlightening spiritual experience – a journey of the soul in a nurturing environment.”


“The knowledge that both Vicki and Chris have to facilitate another’s journey at a Soul level makes this a very worthy workshop – not one to be missed!”


“A grounding spiritual experience with education in Ancient wisdoms of the Earth.”



“I just wanted to write and say a HUGE THANK YOU for yesterday.
It was truly a wonderful afternoon, I was so moved by so many of the songs, especially the song about a mothers love.
Your work continues to grow from strength to strength, every note is heart awakening music - congratulations Christine it was a very successful and deeply profound concert.  I've been singing 'You are Divine' in my head alllllllllll day long ha ha. 
I thought it quite interesting that in life we use such words as  'beautiful soul' and ' I open(ed) my heart' and yet the immensity and depth of the vibration of your songs, using these phases, literally opened me to a deeper more profound understanding and connection to such phases. 
And the song 'Cradled in the Arms of Love' such beauty and tenderness - a wonderful emotional reminder of the stages of my own healing and health.  
THANK YOU Christine, for all that you do.  I'm so sorry we missed your party last week, it has been such a busy month we've been flat out.  No doubt you had a wonderful time.  Best wishes on your travels and may you find wonderful windows of opportunities opening everywhere. 
Much love, blessings and gratitude ... Genevieve (and Leo of course)... ps. your son is beautiful! “


“I must thankyou for a most beautiful performance yesterday. Your music resonated so strongly with me. The sounds you made, the lyrics and instruments, specially the drum, piano and the Gong, were really powerful, soothing, uplifting and mesmerizing.

Thankyou once again for such a nourishing afternoon.

With Love & Light,



Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
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