Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul

About Christine Morrison

Christine runs a variety of workshops and courses relating to sound, music & colour healing and personal development. She has many years experience facilitating workshops throughout Australia and Internationally.

All workshops are experiential and empowering. Christine can also create a workshop unique to your workplace, area or group requirements.

Christine facilitates workshops to enable you to:

  • Raise your vibrations
  • Be in your Divine Pure Heart
  • Connect with your Soul’s essence
  • Allow your ancient knowledge and gifts to come to the fore.

All workshops provide:

  • A healing journey of the Soul
  • Empowerment through Sound
  • Recognition of your Soul’s desire
  • Freeing and development of your voice
  • Opportunity to unlock and remember the knowledge & wisdom within
  • Learning Sound & Colour healing techniques to use as a complementary therapy.

Christine has many years experience facilitating workshops throughout Australia and Internationally. If there is an event you would like Christine to facilitate in your area, click here to contact Christine now.

Christine can create a workshop or talk unique for your group gathering, workplace or organisation.


Sound Circle

Using Voice, Ancient Instruments and Colour.

Come and join us to connect, play & meditate with Sound & Colour. Balance, clear and align your energy.

Christine will guide you to express your Soul Voice from deep within, enabling you to access your ancient knowledge and have a stronger connection with your intuition.

Through expressing your sounds, you will be aligned with the higher vibrations of the Angelic and Devic realms. You will feel a deep sense of peace and a knowing that you are surrounded by Divine Love. We will also be sending the vibrations of Peace and Love out to the Universe.

No musical experience necessary, just a yearning to connect with your heart and to receive peace and love.

Would you like to start your own Sound Circle? Contact Christine for more information about how you can.


Soul Musicality Course

Certificate of Sound & Music Healing for the 21st Century

The Soul Musicality course provides a gentle but powerful healing journey of the soul through Sound, Colour and Music. It teaches Sound, Colour & Music Healing techniques to use as a therapy or to complement and enhance any modality.

The course has three levels and contains a total of 9 Modules. Each level represents raising one’s vibrations to a higher level, with an increased depth of knowledge and wisdom.

By completion of the course each participant will have gathered instruments that suit their unique style of healing.  They will also have the opportunity to make their own instruments.

Soul Musicality Attunements are conducted with each course level to attune each participant to the high vibrational and multi-dimensional energy of Soul Musicality.

Musical experience and knowledge are not required, just a yearning to connect with your Heart  and Soul, and to live the life you came here for!

Visit for more detailed information and course dates.

Its time to step into who we are, to remember who we are, all with gentleness and grace

If you would like to have a Soul Musicality Course in your area, click here to discuss your interest with Christine.



Workshops that Christine offers:

  • Sound & Colour Healing Workshop  - (1 or 2 day workshop)
  • Listening with your Heart (1 day)
  • Awakening Your True Self (1 day)
  • Attune your Soul – to the key of Love  (3 hr )
  • Embracing the Divine Feminine (1 day)
  • Singing for Love, Zinging for Life – 2 hour Singing Bliss Group
  • Sounding the Inner Landscape - Mandalas, Sound & Colour  (1 or 2 days)
  • The Journey Within – Labyrinth, Sound & Colour  (2 day)
  • Celestial Awakening – with Sound, Colour & Music (1 or 2 day)
  • Remembering who you are – Sound, Colour & Music Healing Workshop
  • Sacred Woman – 1 day workshop
  • Divine Empowerment - 9 week course @ 3 hours per week

Contact Christine for more information about workshops on Would you like Christine to facilitate a workshop in your area? Click here to discuss requirements for Christine to come to your area to run a workshop. 

Christine can create a workshop or talk unique for your group gathering, workplace or organisation.

Some examples of areas  for organizations and workplaces she has previously developed workshops for:

Stress Relief & Relaxation Workshop

For teachers, ASME National conference and corporate businesses.

Christine offers the following workshop for teachers. It is designed so that you leave with some simple techniques for de-stressing and re-energising which can be used at school or at home. As Christine has been a teacher for 20 years herself, she understands the time constraints and pressure as a teacher, so all exercises are designed to take minimal time but with effective results. All information given can be used for the teacher at a personal level, and can also be adapted for use in the classroom.


Start your day energised and focused!

Being a teacher is very demanding. Especially if you are in a specialist role such as music, lote, art etc. Discover how to relax and de-stress quickly and efficiently using music, instruments and your voice.

Explore the possibilities with music and sound. You will leave with some simple techniques for de-stressing and re-energising.  These can be used at school or at home. This is an experiential session where you participate in all activities.The information you receive can also be used with every year level at school.

No prior experience is needed.


Empowering Yourself in the Workplace

This workshop will be demonstrating how to use sound, music and colour in the workplace, and participants will learn techniques to be able to:

  • Create a safe and comfortable environment for their clients.
  • Tune into their clients needs quickly and effectively.
  • Work more efficiently.
  • Create a positive work atmosphere.
  • Feel empowered.
  • Handle a stressful workload with peace and calmness.
  • Release the pressure of outcomes.
  • Feel acknowledged and appreciated.
  • De-stress and relax.

This workshop is also an experiential workshop where all participate and discover the best way for them to work within their boundaries.

Participants will leave refreshed, energised and focused.


Good Grief Workshop

One of the presenters for the CANTEEN weekend retreats.


Aura Soma National Conference

Facilitating Sound & Colour Meditation and also Intuitively performing the music of the bottles with voice, Dreamharp & Piano.


Perth Academy of Natural Therapies Camp

Sound Healing and Colour Therapy Workshop

"With your guidance and experience we were able to share the amazing experience of the Sound Healing and Colour Therapy. On behalf of the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies Student Guild and all participants at the 2004 Natural Therapies Camp, I would like to thank you for sharing your time, energy and expertise with us."
With kind regards, Fiona Scull
Coordinator 2004 Nanga Camp
Perth Academy of Natural Therapies

Solariscare Cancer Support Centre, 
Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, Perth WA
Music & Colour Group

Discovering how to use music and colour for pain relief, peace and calmness. Provided for patients, carers and hospital workers.


Cancer Wellness Centre, Perth WA
Sound & Colour Healing Group 

Using sound, colour and music for pain relief, inspiration, peace and relaxation.

Dear Christine ,
Thank you so much for your healing music and presence on Monday. The space was very powerful and moving for all. As one participant said “a coming home”. I look forward to our next meetings and greetings.
With gratitude, Loretta.
Cancer Support Association of WA


Various Talks for Organisations, Spiritual Centres and Churches


Workshops and Performances at Conscious Living Expo

All workshops & talks are experiential and group participants leave with some simple techniques for de-stressing and re-energising to bring peace and calmness into their lives. For those working in the corporate and business world, they will gather techniques to help de-stress and energise and also find ways to become more focussed to obtain greater productivity with minimal stress in the workplace. The workshops can also focus on creating a calm and positive work atmosphere.


Christine Morrison - Music to Soothe the Soul
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Welcome the New Dawn

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Welcome the New Dawn

Love and Gratitude and Forgiveness for Japan

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